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Today our temperature cool and it is snowing outside. Hubby called me in our front room and open the door then I see the snow falling from the sky. It is unusual to have a snow this time of the year in our place. It happened also while we are still here in our place and not in other state. If it will reach to few inches we will go out and play the snow. My son love to play in the snow and he tried not to be called. It is good to have a snow I know people who leave in this area love it since we do not have snow for many years. It is just like St George, Utah a friend of mine told me that it has been more than 50 years since there last snow and this year they are all happy to have a snow. Many places always have snow and I know people who leave there already bored or doesn't like the snow anymore. Ok It is getting cold take care my friends and have a good day.

Oh I forgot to tell you I am also happy because I saw this blog won 3000 EC from the contest of Entrecard Bazillion contest. Thanks to you Entrecard.

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