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This morning when I drop my EC i read one of my friends post about her two friends. Then I started to cry because I miss my friends who are in different states here in America some are in the Philippines and some are already in different parts of the world. I have some friends here in our place but it is not the same to others. The one in here just met and not close. I just want someone to talk to in times I want someone to talk face to face and visit them. Whahhh my heart is sad and want to shout for loneliness. Besides of hubby and my son nobody with me talking. It is not like when I was in the Philippines you can go to visit a friend and talk but here in US nobody because they are far away. Oh well, I will try to learn that life must go on....I will my friends today that will heals my missing heart. Have a good day.
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Tey said...

I think there is nothing more sad than my life here in Canada. I have noone I can consider as true friend. Probably why I am so hooked on blogging. I found a place where can feel I have some friends even though I havent met them in person, like you Genny.
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shydub said...

I feel the same too a lot of times, I don't even have friends around the nieghborhood. Blogging really helps coz I found new friend who are filipino too. I keep in touch with some of my friends in cebu and cagayan through ym. Mao na jd ni ato life karn gen wala ta amiga kalaagan duol. It's really hard too to find a close or best friend here.

SimplyHappyMe said...

Cheer up Gen. At least you have your blog friends to keep you company and good thing there's the internet which makes communicating with friends and family easier.

anne said...

Yup cheer up gen, lingaw lingaw na lang sa blog. hehehe

shydub said...

Hello gen,back here thanks for ec, it helps a lot,puno ako credits labi na ky hapon nku ka drop rn, sick na sd ako anak woi, gihilantan sa iya ear infection. So, hows your day? Hope all is well with you and your family.godbless!

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