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This week's theme is about Feeding time a picture when they were nursing, bottle feeding or recent pictures feeding themselves. I have here the pictures of my son's recent picture. Lazy me to find the old one's to post. Anyway here are the pictures.

The first picture was taken last month lunch time. Once in a while kids love to eat themselves but sometimes they want somebody to feed them. In that picture he was feeding himself. He loves to eat fruits and vegetables and i thank God for that because i know how healthy that food. In the other picture that was breakfast time he was in his night time attire. He likes to eat blueberry & nuts pancake in the morning and put honey or syrup in it. Well this are my entries for this week hope to see you around and comment of my entry today. Thank you for more Mommy Moments just click the logo....Have a good day.

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{ Jhari } said...

Ang cute cute naman nya. Until next week ;)

Chris said...

he's so cute !

and he eats by himself... he is all grown up!

Michelle said...

He's just adorable. Yummy, blueberry & nuts pancakes. Sounds delicious. I wish my little one loved vegi's and fruit as much as your little one. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.

Evan's Mom said...

He's a cute little boy, and he eats by himself. It's good thing that he loves healthy food. My son does eat veggies and fruits, but not as much as he loves noodles and cookies.
Enjoy your weekend mommy :)

Twinkie said...

And I find it endearing as well when my daughter asks me to feed her even if she knows how to do it.

Your little one is very pogi especially when he smiles... he indeed likes pancakes ei? :)

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Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours too and looking forward to more visits to your fabulous blog.

Gin E said...

what a hearty breakfast! my princess love her pancake plain, which I don't mind coz it's lets messy to eat. :)

sweetytots said...

those pancakes sure looks yummy!

just dropping by and doing my late rounds of Mommy Moment entries thanks for visiting my entry

hope you can also visit sweetytots