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When I am pregnant hubby likes to take pictures of me even I don't like it. Hheh he just happy to have a baby. I become chubby after 3 months of pregnancy. It seems food was very good and i want to eat more and more. Maybe because the first three months was tragedy hahha you know already why. Here are two of my pictures.

The first picture was taken four month of being pregnant and the other one was taken during our 2nd baby shower. I am happy that I have three baby showers first from my hubby's church, next from my church and the 3rd one was the Filipino baby shower. I cannot believe I received that kind of baby shower. But I am glad because we did not bought any stuff for the baby because we have everything. People are very nice enough even neighbors gave some gifts for the baby and myself. Oh well, I hope I have same baby shower when I have my 2nd baby in the future.

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Enchie said...

that's a lot of gifts. I'm sure those are filled with cuteness :)

♥georgie♥ said...

look at all those gifts!!! stopping by from EC to drop and say hi

Chris said...

wow! you got so many gifts!! :)

thanks for joining us again here at mommy moments!

Jona said...

wow showered with lots of love si mommy at baby :D sarap magbukas ng gifts hehe :)
my entry's up too