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Today i want to say thank you to all readers, visitors and to those who also commented my blog posts. You are such a blessings to this site and thank you for that. Since i started this blog i notice that most of the visitors will leave a message or comment in my post. You are really a nice person dear visitors. Today is the first day of March meaning spring is coming soon. Anyway here are my February top droppers.

_el@i_ 31
Wonderful Things in LIfe 31
My Life's Adventure 30
California 30
walkingnewspaper 29
Kinda Life Of Mine 28
The Joy Of Life Forever 28
Kalidadis 27
Simplement Belles 26
Brick For Jade 26
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6 messages:

Marie said...

intir ko dah mommy gen...

carlota said...

thanks for being one of the top droppers in Feb.

GAGAY said...

wow! mommy gen am your one of the top..whew!

Amy said...

aguy, naka kapit pa jud ko sa tumoy! thanks for the linky love madame:)

anne said...

wala lang gihapon ko hmp! hehehe I know I should exert more effort lol hehehe ingat lagi!

_el@i_ said...

yahoo! i made it! ;)