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Scenic Sunday

This is my first time joining the Scenic Sunday in this blog. I decided not the other blog because I need this blog to have more traffics. Anyway here is my scene/view this Sunday. For me snow is also a nice view to see specially if it is your first time. Last December we have snow two times only and people love it and play almost the whole day. I am also playing with my hubby and son. we went to the neighborhood and saw a lot of kids playing. many people are also walking even it was snowing. I took the picture of our yard just the left side of our house.

To join just click the logo above. Have a nice Sunday.

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Linnea W said...

Freshly fallen snow on trees is always so pretty when photographed. Enjoy Scenic Sunday!

Denis said...


I won 4th place in the big Mak contest and I believe you are one of my sponsors for 1000 EC credits.

I hope u can write back so that we can fix my claim of the prize.

many thanks!