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Today is Wednesday another day to share the word of God to everybody young and old. Whoever you are, whatever you do God is always there for you. He is a compassionate God and willing to help us all the time. Just reach His hands and He will guide your way. may God continue to bless us as we continue to live in this wonderful world full of surprises. Take care and have a nice day to all.

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Twinkle Mom (Sunflower Faith) said...


He is everlasting, trusting and loving and He is there from the beginning to forever!

Great post!

Laurie Ann said...

Amen! Happy WFW!

Amy said...

Oh I love that....mmm..mmmm..mmmm..

What a powerful Word for today!

Hugs.. Amy

Amydeanne said...

great post, i'm sorry about Rusty. I didn't quite understand, did he die of natural things, or was hurt by the theives? either way, i'm really sorry to hear this! We had 2 dogs die last year, one b/c of old age, the other got ran over by a car.. it was not a good year for animals at our house!
I hope you find a good replacement. hugs

Mariposa said...


Another favorite of mine!

~♥~ Mariposa's Tales ~♥~

sweet_shelo said...

amen to this sis!!! God's faithfulness is great all the time..

thanks for add me sis..