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Hazel of Delineating Des was tagging me last Tuesday but am a little busy so it was a delayed but its ok I am here now posting it. You will know more by reading my answers of the questions...Thanks Hazel for the tag.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
* Love to see we are debt free
* To have a driver's license soon
* Receive my permanent residence card
* Blueberry Harvest this Summer
* Take a break from life's struggles
* Vacation in the Philippines
* More paid opportunities
* Business online will grow

8 Things I Did Yesterday
* Drop EC
* Have sometime for my son to watch his word world movie
* Updating my blogs
* Some fun with my son
* Cook a supper for us
* Do our laundry
* Watch a movie online(fated for love)
* Sleep early...

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
* Finish my education here in US
* To help renovated some parts of the house
* To help hubby more in the farm
* To fly back to Philippines
* To have self confidence about driving
* To make a web site designing professionally
* To earn more to help hubby in our bills
* To teach in the children school one day

8 Shows I Watch ( no TV in our house )
* Youtube selected videos
* Veoh selected movies
* netflix some instant play movies

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Amy said...

Hi gen, Happy Mother's day to you madame!

salamat sa tag(ay) hehehhe* will post it the soonest possible. btw, ok lang ba sa "Kalidadis" blog naku i-post? hehehe*

carlota said...

Happy Mother's Day mommy Gen. Hope you have a wonderful day.!

EastCoastLife said...

I hope you will get to visit your family, friends and relatives in the Philippines soon. :)

Happy Mother's Day, momgen!