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mommy moments

It has been a while for not joining the mommy moments because sometimes I do not pictures to post for the theme. Maybe we are not taking picture that much. Most of our pictures are not in the computer but we stored it in a disk or in a computer memory separately. Anyway here are my entries this week.

The first picture was really funny I am laughing while we have that picture as a family. Our son was scare because why only our faces shown hehehe. The other picture was taken the same day while our visitors was there to visit us. Hubby, our son and the hubby of my friend pose just like a model ehhehe.

This picture was silly cute i took that when we went to the board walk in the Broadway located in South Carolina. That was our visitors who came by the house and visit us.

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Chris said...

its nice to see you again at mommy moments! i love the first pic!

Rowena said...

Funny and nice pics. Those are good to keep. have a great day.

shydub said...

lol, cute kaayo iny silly moments. si aw sd d i na imu bana momgen sa

Twinkie said...

Aw! The last photo is silly and sweet at the same time. :)

jeng said...

Cute pictures and funny too!