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Life have ups and downs. The road that we are traveling is not as easy as like others. I remember the song "It's not an easy road" a gospel song that the message of it represents the hardship of life. If you want to go to heaven the road is narrow and there are many thorns that will give you pain. Pain that sometimes makes you feel God is leaving you but I am sure God is always there whatever our situation is. Why I am talking about this because that is what i feel this time and please pray for me and my own family. We need miracles and prayers to make life a little smoother. I cannot tell what is our problem because it is difficult to say. Please include us in your prayers. Thank you very much....Have a wonderful week ahead.

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chubskulit said...

God is always watching us Momgen, we just received a miracle from him.. Just hang on to your faith!

Jo said...

Oh precious child of God, intercessors don't need to know the details to step in and pray for people. All I need to know is that you need prayer and I pray that God's protective and soothing touch will comfort and sustain you at this time. Bless you my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo