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mommy moments

It is Friday again and it's time to share our pictures about "That's My favorite" which is our theme for today. I look over our old pictures and I found this three pictures that fit to our theme. I will explain why....The first picture as you can see was my son who helps me cleaning up the leaves in our yard. That was last years picture and he was really very helpful whatever i do my son is always there. My little helper is watching over mommy. Next picture was the blueberry bushes last year. My son, hubby and I love to eat blueberries that are one of our favorites. Just last night i make a blueberry shake and we all love it. The last picture was my very own favorite instrument - my guitar. Hubby gave it to me when I first got here and a gift for my birthday. I like to play and sing but recently I am hook up with online life i already forgotten this guitar. Hubby keep asking me why I did not play anymore and I said maybe because you bought me a laptop.(LOL) hahhahha...Anyway, happy mommy moments and take care..happy weekend everyone.

My son & blueberry bushes

my guitar
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anne said...

you have a nice guitar and its nice to know youve got a little helper when you are working in your house, good job kiddo

sweet_shelo said...

wow , you have a very cute sweeper there.. and i just love your guitar..

Tetcha said...

I love blueberries, too. You're lucky, the fruits are just within your reach. Happy Mommy Moments!

Meikah said...

Lucky, you have a helpful son! ;) I love guitar too.

My MM entry is here.

Willa said...

wow! you know how to play a guitar? I envy you. :)

jeng said...

That's a very nice guitar, so sweet of your hubby. Your son is so cute with that big rake ; )

darly said...

uy sarap naman nyan, fresh blueberries.

Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

shydub said...

Follow ni imung chris gen sa iya kugihan nga daddy ug mommy. ka buotan ba ni dodong chris. I like your guitar, walay baligya ana? hehehe

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Chris said...

interesting list of favorites! :D

elapot said...

i love blueberries too! :) uy inggit ako you know how to play the guitar!