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Today i will be sharing the things I like to do as part of my hobbies and the things I want to do. I love doing some of this things but some sort like time cannot accommodate it. The whole day is very short for me since I want to do so many things. Here are the thirteen things I like to do...

1. Taking care of my family - very important
2. card making - business online
3. cross stitching - just a pass time
4. blogging - to make a $$$
5. sewing - once in a while
6. jewelry making - liking it
7. cooking - all the time
8. scrap booking - fun to do
9. playing my guitar and sing - one of my favorite thing to do
10. traveling - no budget
11. shopping - no budget
12. playing with hubby and son - hopefully all the time
13. picnic at the park - wanting to do that soon

Bonus: I want to do caving and camping - this are fun things to do that I really miss it. have a wonderful Thursday everyone...Take care.

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kandyblossom said...

All great hobbies, many of which I enjoy myself. Except the whole guitar thing. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it if it were possible. Alas, I am musically challenged. Thank goodness I didn't pass that on to the children. Two of the five have had excellent showings in the music department, and a third is just starting her musical journey.

Hope you get that picnic soon! Sounds like fun.

Hootin' Anni said...

I have a guitar propped up against the wall collecting dust...I haven't played it in ages. And raising a family to me is a that last a lifetime. You never outgrow being a mother. Even when your kids are adults and left the nest.

Awwwwwww, a picnic in the park. Love that whole concept.

My Thursday is childhood photos...a 'then' and 'now'. Come see! Have a great day.

Hazel said...

I haven't played a musical instrument in ages. Travelling is hmmm... :-)

Enjoy the picnic!

Calico Crazy said...

Great list! It can be so difficult to balance the fun and the necessary, it's good when they connect like spending time playing and picnicking with family.

Calico Contemplations

Kaytee said...

Great list! I have some of the same hobbies.. Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

Cross-stitch is one of my passions!
Have a great TT & weekend to come.

Julia Smith said...

Card making sounds like fun.

Betty said...

Wow, you've quite the artistic streak. I'd like to learn card making, cross stitching, sewing, and jewelry making too! Not really interested in scrap booking at the moment, and now learning cooking...(so far, so good!) =)