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Today I will be sharing the 13 things why I love my hubby. This is just a summary of who he is. I love him as who he is and I accept him as is.(lol) Anyway, maybe some people are prejudice of age gap but I am sorry we are one of the few people. hubby and I have a long age gap and even sometimes people ask if he is the grandfather of our son hehehhe....Do not worry people have their own opinion and I cannot blame them. Here are the 13 characteristics of hubby.

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1. A person who love God.
2. Loving
3. sincere
4. understanding
5. generous
6. honest
7. romantic
8. outdoor guy like me(:)
9. love to travel like me
10. talkative
11. good adviser
12. humble
13. workaholic

Bonus: He is a good cook...

There are many things why I love my hubby but I cannot tell you everything sort like...just think about it hehehhe. What are the things you like about your husband, boyfriend, sweetheart, partner, etc...You can share it here...have a wonderful day.

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Calico Crazy said...

What a sweet 13! Your hubby sounds like the perfect guy for you. Who cares how old either of you is.

Calico Contemplations

Alice Audrey said...

when you aren't feeling well, having a hubby who not only can, but will cook is more than a bonus.

Nice list!

The Bumbles said...

I have a hubby with a cooking bonus too! So nice when the come to you trained so well ;0)

Hazel said...

i'm gonna look for a husband slash good cook, (lol). thanks for the tip :-)

sherilee said...

Sweet list. Inspires me to do that for my wonderful husband some Thursday--he's kind, thoughtful, generous, sweet, a great step-dad, he's talkative and loves God too. A wonderful package!