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Well today I am busy for many things. I cannot elaborate this things but I am still trying hard to update my blog. I forgot to post my memes but the top EC droppers cannot be forgotten. thank you guys for dropping and I hope you take a look sometime my posts not just clicking the EC only. That will cause of bounce rate and that will hurt my heart if somebody take away my PR. Thank you also my dear readers and visitors for coming here reading & commenting. Anyway, here are my Top EC droppers of September.

Recuerdo Mi Amor 29
Ruth's Creations 28
Wonderful Things in LIfe 28
Pure Natural Diva 27
Daisy the Curly Cat 27
A Rose By Name Learns 26
A Little Bit of Everything 26
Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice 25
My Life's Adventure 25
Product Reviews Von Mir 25

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