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How are you today my friends. It is another day of the week and most of the people are happy because it is time for rest and do some fun for the weekend. I wanted to share the joy of my life which is my son. That was his picture last week when we went to the flea market just strolling and looking for whatever it was interested to buy. Hubby got some tomatoes and boots. He paid the brand new pair of boots cheaper than in a store price. He likes it because it was really fit to his foot. My son enjoyed walking and eating his ice cream bar since that day was warm. Anyway, i hope you have a wonderful weekend and always drive safe. TC

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shydub said...

Ka big na sa imung chris momgen oi, taas siya mura naman ug 6 yrs old ang iya hiegt ug lawas pero baby pa intawn jd. maayo dha inyo nice pa mn weather dri tugnaw na.