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Last two weeks ago hubby told me something about a couple that makes a ton of money while they work online. He said that I might be interested and try it for myself. I went to the website that hubby told me and sign up then pay the free trial thing. I did gave my debit card, address, telephone number, and other personal information.The company is a well-known one and I did not think that they will going to do something about my card. After one week when I checked my email i found out that somebody that I do not know charged me of $19.95 for a certain item. Now I called the debit card office if why i have that charged. She said that i might sign up for something and I paid that kind of amount. I remembered I just pay $1.97 for a CD for me to use of their service. But it was a bad idea to give my personal information because after the $19.95 charged another web store charged me of the same amount. I called the company that charged me and ask why it happened but she said I did sign up for something. Oh my goodness I did not sign up to that company but only the one that i paid $1.97. The other someone charged me again the $9.95 and it was from Las Vegas ticket or something. Oh no I am very far from that state and why I am charge what happen to my debit card?

Shopping online is good but we should consider the possibility that somebody might steal our identity. After i realized what happened to my card I ask my provider to change it and I am using a different card now. They cannot charge me even they have my name and address. How to prevent this kind of problem? Talking about online payments is the solution of that problem. They offer the Secure Payment Agent it is a product that will help secures your personal identity either you shop or pay bills online. It will protects your personal info like your billing address, your log-in information, email address, and account numbers. Another product the offer is the Secure Online Payment in which it will protect you by being seen or traceable by thieves online. This kind of product will replaces your identity and real payment with anonymous data so that thieves will not hack or steal your personal identity online. Now I feel safe with this kind of security that Shop Shield offers. If you have the same problem just like me then you need this kind of security. Do not worry because....

* This service is FREE when you pay with a checking account.
* Secure Site Registration is included with every transaction.
* Shop Shield is Guaranteed 100% Secure!

So guys what are you waiting for protect your identity with Click the link I provide and start securing your identity online.

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Euroangel said...

this seems a horrible story...i remember a news before that a guy was charged of 1 million for only a pack of cigarette that he bought thru credit card....that is the reason why hubby don't want to use debit cards/ec card online..

have a nice weekend in advance!