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mommy moments

Hello everyone I am very late of my entries because of my busy life here in Indiana. I bring with me my stuff for my online stores so I tried to keep up with my convos from my customers and some orders. God is really wonderful for all the blessings. Anyway, my entries are just a little sporty heehhe. My son love his car very much that even he see that everyday not like other toys car is the winner. The other picture was him inside the mall playing with hubby riding that car... Thank you for coming hope you have a great weekend.

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Mom of Four said...

your son is the same with my kids, they love to ride car rides when we go to the mall..lalo ang boys, but kapag lumaki na ang anak mo, iba na ang gustong laruin nyan sa mga kids places..

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Dhemz said...

momgen you are not's still!

thanks sa comment!

chubskulit said...

Boys love riding a car, he is so cute.

Good to know that your business is doing well.

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His Unfailing Love said...

ang cute ng boy nyo Momgen, Happy weekend.
Blessings to you always

Evan's Mom said...

My son loves ride-on cars too, whenever we go to the mall he knows what he's going to do.
Happy weekend.

Hazel said...

Boys do love rides. Malaki na pala at gwapito pa ang kiddo mo.

Alice Audrey said...

I keep thinking I got turned around. Is this your PhotoHunt?

He looks so serious in the toy plane. :)

Chris said...

nice and fun moments indeed! happy mommy moments :D glad you can join us today!

Kero said...

adorable boy!

i think all little tykes just love to drive and ride :)

till next MM!

Ruby said...

oopppsss.sorry, don't have mommy moments..not a mom yet! cutie boy you got!