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Tomorrow is Christmas eve and most of the people are very busy for their last minute shopping. I saw that the mall here in our place got a full parking lot and most of the stores have their parking also full. The traffic is very busy and it is sad that there are people got accident because of rushing to the store. Hubby told me that yesterday there are more than five cars on top of each other. I felt sad about it since we are about to celebrate Christmas. There are people that prepare for this occasion seriously and some are just attending the parties. Every now and then I miss my family back in the Philippines imagine they more than 12,000 miles from me and they are celebrating Christmas without me. I know I am not alone because there are also many people who are far from their love ones for so many reasons. Just like the soldiers who are depending our country who are in other country i know their love ones are sad about but no choice for it. Anyway, I am talking about this because i know what you feel....I hope that all our love ones that far from us have a great and wonderful Christmas. We will just pray for their safety.....

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