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How can you cope with Christmas loneliness? Here are some suggestions from in which i really like.

1. Spend time with people , especially positive ones who lift your spirits. Perhaps you'll be grateful for their cheer.

2. Exercise regularly . Blood pumping can help clear your mind.

3. Eat right . Chocaholics beware. Overindulgence can mean temporary highs followed by disappointing flab.

4. Lights on! Enjoy sunlight, outdoors if possible. Brighten up your home and workplace. Light therapy sometimes helps SAD.

5. Budget your gift spending and stick with your budget. Prevent January bill shock.

6. Talk about your feelings . Keeping them bottled up can mean anxiety, ulcers, sour disposition, and/or explosion. Need a trusted, listening friend? Try a local church.

7. Give to others. Volunteer . Medical professor Stephen Post, PhD, is convinced that giving is essential for optimum physical and mental health in our fragmented society. He says some California physicians give volunteerism "prescriptions" to their Medicare patients5.

8. Seek counsel. I used to be embarrassed to obtain professional counsel. Now I recommend it. We all can use good advice navigating life's storms.

9. Develop spiritual roots. I'm glad that before my dark days began, I had a friendship with God.

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