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Last while hubby and our son was busy watching a movie I am also busy in my computer. When I checked my email godaddy sent me a notice that my darlingrose designs blog was going to expire even i did not use it for a long time. I stop using it due to some reasons that I am tired of it. But then my other domain which was the also was not functioning good so I decided to open up www. as my layout blog. So now it is running and I post most of my layouts I designed for my friends. Visit then maybe I will going to post some freebies that you can use for your blog. See you.

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His Unfailing Love said...

cute photo here Momgen, nice post, nice template too with darlingrose designs... I will try to visit here too.
Advance Happy New Year to you and your family.

January said...

Congrats Gen! Grabeh jud bilib na ko sa imo you're a girl full of talents.

Happy New Year!