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Last few months i sent a balikbayan box(gift box) to my family back in the Philippines. I put a sticky rice for Christmas cooking. I know my mama love to make a Biko for Christmas and I miss that delicious Biko. For that reason I want to share a Filipino Biko recipe.

2 cups malagkit (sticky rice)
3/4 cup sugar
3 1/2 cups diluted coconut milk
1/8 lb butter
1 egg, beaten

Gate and squeeze out milk from 2 coconuts, save 3/4 cup of the first milk squeezed out ( this is called Kakang gata ... will be used for topping). Dilute the rest of the coconut milk to make 3 1/2 cups. Boil the rice and coconut milk in a heavy pot stirring constantly to keep from burning. When the rice is done and almost dry, lower the heat and add the sugar and butter. Mix well and set aside. When cool, add the egg.

Spread the mixture in a well buttered pyrex dish (7 1/2x11 3/4x1 3/4") and bake in preheated 300°F oven for 20 minutes.

Prepare topping

1 can condensed milk
3/4 cup rich coconut milk
2-3 Tbsps flour

Combine all the topping ingredients in a heavy saucepan and cook over low heat stirring constantly until thick (about 15 minutes). Pour over rice mixture in dish. Increase the oven temperature to 350°F. Bake until top is brown (about 15 minutes).
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kat said...

lami ng biko pag na ugmaan na hahaha nya naa dukot..sus lami sa kapeng mainit...hehe

asa diay ka sa NC momgen kay ako bana naa diha sa Salisbury City. hehe

Thanks diay sa visit ug comment.

merry Christmas.