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The big holiday event of the year is coming and I smell the tasty smell in the air. People are starting to buy gifts from their list. Some are just comparing prices and hoping to get the best deals in town then some are searching online for the free shipping items. A friend of mine already sent some boxes of gifts to her families back in our country and even myself already sent one box for my family. The only thing that I need to find the great gifts are my son and husband. I am planning to buy him a watch since he does not want a clothes because he are floating already. I want also to buy one for myself the one I can use it everyday. I have already a laptop, a camera, and other personal stuff but I do need a spare of watch since my watch now is sometimes not working great. I saw this esq watch from in which it is already discounted and the watch looks amazingly beautiful. I like the one in my the side of my post because you can see the time easily then looks elegant. Hubby will likes it if ever I will buy it. The good thing of the watches in bluedial they offer free shipping. Guys you really need to look this watches you will be surprised how cheap the prices are and how elegant they are. Click the link above for more to see.

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