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How many people do not have the health insurance? I heard yesterday in the news that there are over six million Americans who do not have the insurance and we are one of them. You will maybe question we do not have the insurance that is because most of the health insurance company have the high interest rates. Hubby got a health insurance for over 20 years but he dropped it last two years ago because he cannot afford anymore specially that we are three people in the family. But as the years gone away I think that i need to get one for my son. I saw this kaiser health insurance and I like their services. If you are living in Colorado and Georgia you might check kaiser permanente Georgia then kaiser Colorado because they offer different type of health insurance plan either for yourself or family members. If you have also a business this Kaiser Permanente health insurance is great to get one for your workers or employees. For more information check their site through the links above. See you there.

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