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Christmas is around the corner and we will celebrate it soon. I am happy to share today this picture I took last weekend when we Kmart. I just rooming around the store and went to the Christmas decorations section. I took few shots in there and the picture below was one of them. What do you want to share today? Thanks for coming and have a great day. See you around....

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fickleinpink said...

great RT for December!

come and visit my Tueday if you have the time!
life's beautiful!


Manang Kim said...

I really do love Christmas stuff makes me happy. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it!

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My Life’s Photo
My Pride and Joy

Auntie E said...

Is that snow? Lovely trees. Happy RT

N said...

I love Christmas decorations. I wish I can decorate my house that everyone can say "aww" when they see it. But I can never do it, I don't have enough time of the day to

Happy RT, how is IN these days?

Mine is up too, here.

Modern Mom said...

Great Ruby find! Perfect for the season.

Maria @ LSS said...

That's a lovely tree. Happy RT!

Shy said...

Merry xmas momgen, nice shot

EastCoastLife said...

The malls in our popular Orchard Road have put up Xmas decorations too. It's hard not to notice Christmas is coming. :P

storyteller said...

What a FESTIVE ruby post ;-)
Thanks for visiting Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

daylily777 said...

Great Red Decorations!