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Last Saturday we finally went to church and met many generous people. I admire one family in that church because they are not only good but generous. After church this one couple offered us a free lunch in their house. Some of the members in that church said that every visitors come to their church will eat their lunch in that awesome couple. I asked them why they do that to the visitors. Navisa the wife said that they just give back what God give them. Is that awesome thing they do? I am impress and I remembered those times when i did become a missionary in the mountains of Bukidnon Philippines for more than four years. I miss all of it and hoping one day I will be there to visit my friends. This couple that we met and gave us a lunch was came from Kenya who now live in Wabash Indiana. They have the three kids who are in college and they are vegan family meaning strictly vegetable eaters. Vegans only eat vegetables and fruits no meat, and no dairy products like eggs, and milk. Anyway, i like them and even we only met once but it seems we already met them before.

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Laikka said...

indeed they are exemplary and thats why God blessed them:)

So interesting to know you have been a missionary at bukidnon:)


nuts said...

sharing is one way of giving thanks to God! wonderful people!