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Nedekcir the owner of In My Kitchen is giving this award. Thank you very much for this my friend. Long time ago i did not know that internet can make people all over the world closer to each other. Now I cannot live without it and it seems sad when my computer broke. Anyway, Nedekcir is one of the people I met online and I know she is a nice person you want to be. Thank you again. To all my friends thank you for being good to me. See you around.

Here are the 10 things that makes me happy
1. Having God
2. Having my family
3. Having my friends
4. Having people whom lots of kindness to their hearts
5. Having a church that share things that in common
6. Can play and enjoy life
7. Have a vacation somewhere
8. To have a business online
9. Have a computer to communicate different people around the globe
10. So many things to say but one thing makes me happy can do good to others and do missionary works....

Now I want to give this award to all my friends and visitors. Please grab it and post in your websites....Thank you...

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