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Last fight of Manny Pacquiao people are very eager to know who really win the fight. But even the fight did not started yet I know who will win. Manny won the title again and I am proud of him being a representative of the Philippines. Now Manny will fight to Mayweather the well-known boxer that won many titles also. I know there are many people wanted to watch the fight. If you are looking for Mayweather boxing tickets then click the link provided so that you can witness the best of the best fight ever. I want to watch this fight if I could go there but nobody can takes care of my son. It is ok since I know Manny will be the one who win this fight because I trust his strategies will work to win against this Mayweather. Who do you think will win against Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Do not forget to buy the ticket provided to the link above. Enjoy watching the show or fight.

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