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Would you like a cup of blueberries my friends? I miss our blueberries that left inside the freezer. Our house care taker is the one eats all our berries since we are not there. Hubby tried to buy a berries the other day because he miss to eat it. It was very expensive imagine more than $3 for one small pint. In our farm you will get 2lbs. for $1.50 and $1 also if you are the one who pick it. Anyway, the picture above was taken last year when we are ready to bring to the warehouse. The big trays are the one they use if they use the machine for picking.

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Maria said...

That looks really tasty, wouldn´t mind grabbing some of those berries. Thanks for the visit.

Gattina said...

You make my mouth water with your blueberries, lol !

anne said...

sarap siguro nito ano gene hehehe

Misalyn said...

Hindi ko pa natry kumain ng blueberry. Hmmmm makahanap nga minsan.

Sorry po sa late na bisita. Pagod sa trabaho at nagkasakit.

A wonderful thursday to you.