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Anne of My Little Home is tagging me this few questions. This is more information about me and you will know who is behind this blog through my post. Thank you guys for coming and have a great weekend.

8 TV Shows I like to watch

1. PBS
2. Lets Make A deal
3. The Price Is Right
4. Singing Bee
5. Family Feud
6. A Wheel Of Fortune
7. Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
8. any fantasy movie

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out

1. Chinese Restaurants
2. Ryans
3. Golden Corral
4. KFC
5. Mc Donald
6. Mexican restaurants
7. Golden Dragon restaurants
8. Bojangles

8 Things I look forward too.

1. Home in NC
2. Blueberry harvest this summer
3. Chris b-day
4. wedding anniversay
5. my b-day
6. hubby's b-day
7. vacation
8. more sales in my store

8 Things that happen yesterday

1. Hubby went to his physical therapy
2. Am doing a blog makeover to Melody's friend
3. Update my blogs
4. Mail the orders to post office
5. playing with Chris
6. Hubby talk about visiting his sister in Missouri
7. hubby do the grocery
8. laundry

8 Things I love About Winter

1. Snow
2. hubby said quiteness
3. different from other season
4. cold but i like the coolness
5. the pond become ice that you can walk
6. playing snow
7. funnnnnnn
8. more snow....

8 Things I’m Passionate About

1. My family
2. My store
3. Blogging
4. Earn more
5. making cards
6. making layouts
7. making jewelry beads
8. Reading books for my son

8 Word/Phrases I often Used

1. Chris!!!!!
2. Love you honey
3. Hi
4. Good morning
5. Take care honey
6. I love you Mj
7. Love you Chris
8. see you

8 Things I learned from the past

1. Be patient
2. Believe you can do it
3. Be strong
4. Be considerate
5. Trust and believe on Him
6. Miracles happen all the time
7. Accept the fact and embrace the reality
8. Hold fast till I come God said...

8 Blog Friends I want to tag

1. Shy of Simple Happy Life
2. Chuchie of Chuchie Hideaway
3. Nova of History of superNova and Sweetpain
4. Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online
5. Chris of The Mommy Journey
6. Melody of Life Marriage and kids
7. Maricel of Momhood Moments
8. Amy of Moi et mon univers!

Thank you guys for doing it...

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anne said...

thank u girl for doing it.

Chris said...

hello i will try to do the tag soon :D

shydub said...

thanks for the tag momgen, already posted it last week.

NovaS said...

thanks i'm grabbing this tag now and will get back here once i'm done..thanks for not forgetting me momgen..