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Do you know that the first-time home buyers or those people who did not owned in the last three years can receive up to $8,000 Tax credit for the singles and $4,000 for married couple? Yes you read it right my friends, this is your chance to start your own life with a dream come true house. Imagine there are 10 billion budget for those qualifying people. The income limit to those who can avail the $8,000 Tax Credit is those people whose income is $125,000 for singles and $225,000 for married couple. Your credit will be terminated if your purchase after April 30, 2010 both singles and married couple. But you need to know that the limitation for the home you purchase needs to be $800,000. All purchaser must attach a documentation of purchase to tax return. If you know someone who wants to avail this opportunity of having $8,000 tax credit you need to tell all the information provided. This tax credit is really a big help to all home buyers a big thank you for the government. If you want to know more about this tax credit return you can view the video below or go to the link provided above. I hope this will help to all of you. See you all around....


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My Memories and Crystal said...

wow Momgen, I'm so happy... I'm blessed to know you, it's really a gift to me since next month is my trip to the Phil. for my operation and my birthday falls on that month too.
I'm very happy and blessed today. God bless you more. I'm very very happy, thank you so much

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