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Hello everybody how are you today? It is Monday again and it is time for mellow yellow. Today i want to share a picture of Broadway that was found in SC. This was taken last 2009 when we went to that place. I enjoyed walking and took some pictures. There are so many tourist that visited this place specially summer time. I bet you this summer that will pack with many people....Have a wonderful day and take care all.


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Ladynred said...

Oh yah I see the yellow touch! Nice place.
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nuts said...

dropping by here from Mellow Yellow MOnday! and there, i see yellow!

January said...

hinanap ko pa ang yellow sis.. hehehe..

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lazyclick said...

Wonderful shot.

Manang Kim said...

I see the yellow immediately, thanks for the visit!!

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ilovepink1078 said...

Nice photograph.
I see that yellow!


DoanLegacy said...

Beautiful scenery!

anne said...

so cute is the yellow, but glad I saw it hehehe