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Last Tuesday was our first blueberry picking and only few people show up to harvest. I told hubby that i will pick also at least i can pick few buckets. I pick 8 buckets of berries since i am not a fast picker. I was very tired working and tomorrow we will pick again. We are hoping that we will have many berries pick and the people will show up to pick our berries. The picture above was one of the blueberry bushes that we pick last Tuesday. Tomorrow we will go to other section of the farm to pick some more berries.

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Clarissa said...

These blueberry is perfect for my blueberry cheesecake!Love to harvest blueberries at my PIL's farm,too!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through my sister, Karen @ Lily Valley.

One summer, we picked blueberries at a friend's house. It is a slow process! We especially enjoyed a lemon bread recipe with blueberries.