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Do you know that this packing house is use to be a double wide trailer house? Yes this is a trailer house but hubby did change it to be a packing house for our blueberry farm. He changes inside the trailer by hiring carpenters to put a great floor and a great roof. The wall inside is also great and after remodeling it he painted with white and now it looks pretty inside and out. I like that pack house because inside is organize you will know quick where all things can be found. So if you will visit our farm i will show you what i am talking about and of course i will give you free blueberries.
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inday_adin said...

Mommy Gen we would love to have free blueberries! hehehe... :) Love it!

tatess said...

ay pabisita nga rin.i like to see the inside of the trailer house and get me a free blueberry too.