Posted by jinson on 11:41 PM
Guest post written by Bill Kid
IÕve been hanging out at home a lot these days since I retired, especially since IÕve been able to spend a lot of time just relaxing and taking it easy. Some people insist that you have to really keep busy day after day, but IÕve put in my time and IÕm enjoying every minute of my low-key retirement lifestyle.
Recently IÕve really gotten in to renting movies, even if ItÕs just to have something on in the background. The other day, I had a hearing test Auburn so that I donÕt have to mess with the closed captioning anymore! I go through spells where I watch comedies one week, horror films the next and so on and so forth. I think IÕll start out with horror this week, in honor of Halloween! I love to be festive when I can. In fact, for that, I may not even have to rentÉI think there will be at least one or two spooky movie marathons on this week.
IÕm sure that getting up, taking care of the house and watching TV will get old before too long, but at the beginning of my retirement, it couldnÕt be more welcome.