Posted by jinson on 6:44 AM
Contribution by Prince Raymond
This has been a tough year for me, as my Padres have not made the playoffs. They overachieved all year with a band of unlikable players and tools, and yet they came within the last game of the year of making the show. It all began with our ace, Mat Latos, folding like a house of cards down the stretch. This does not bode well for the future that he crumbles under pressure like this, and seems to be incapable of holding his temper in check whenever a microphone is thrust in his face.
The hitting has also been bad, and it will only get worse when Adrian Gonzalez accepts a humongous contract to go play with the Red Sox or Yankees. That is what it feels like to be a Padres fan. We are the farm system for the Yankees. We are the laughing stock of the league. At least the Pirates can boast a profit without caring about winning. The Padres tried to fool us into thinking they cared. They don't. Still, I am a baseball addict, and I will continue to watch my favorite players as they move on to greener pastures. Get it? I meant green as in money. In any case, thanks to my direct tv packages choice extra, I can watch all the Padres games on my high definition television in my living room.
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