Posted by jinson on 7:07 PM
Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

There are no fans on Earth like the Steeler fans. It's not a problem for us, but our way of doing things can be a problem for some of the new players. The ones who get it last. The ones who don't end up being traded. We aren't happy until a player adopts Pittsburgh and our way of life. We have seasons in Pittsburgh. We have football season and then there is the rest of the year.
Seriously though, we are tough on our players. We expect them to perform. It is a mantra of coal miners and office workers watching the games at Heinz Field on how a multimillion dollar player had better be able to perform like a multimillion dollar player. That's why fans go nuts when Troy Polamalu gets busy doing what he's supposed to be doing.
Pittsburgh fans set aside a portion of the family budget to get everyone out to at least one game. The rest of the time we spend it in our living rooms watching the games on satellite TV from Pittsburghers have that mentality of jumping on a grenade to save a friend or family member and we expect that same mentality out of any athlete wearing the black and gold uniform of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Players like Jerome Bettis and Troy Polamalu get it. Neither of them just threw on a uniform and played a game. They realized that they were part of a heart that is as big as the nation and embraced it to become the successes they are.
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