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Guest post written by Max Earhart

I always loved carving pumpkins as a kid, but that was just another excuse to get to one of my favorite snacks. My mom would always make pumpkin seeds after we carved jack o lanterns and I would love separating all the seeds from teh pumpkin goo.

Now that I have kids, I like to carve pumpkins with them every year and then make the seeds for them. But I always forget what you're supposed to put on teh pumpkin seeds before you bake them and at what temperature the oven should be when you bake them. So I always have to look that stuff up. When I was doing that a couple of days ago I saw some stuff about pricing CLEAR wireless internet and decided to switch over our service to that after I finished baking the seeds.

But the problem with pumpkin seeds is that I always seem to run out of them way too soon after I make them. Sometimes IÕll go and buy another pumpkin to make some more, but unfortunately thatÕs not the case most of the time.

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