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Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Of all the interesting stories to hit the NBA this season, I have to say the most intriguing team is the Dallas Mavericks and their star, Dirk Nowitzki. It appears that Nowitzki is caught between loyalty to a Mavericks team that will never win the title, having lost their best chance due to egregious officiating and the superhuman ability of Dwyane Wade, and his own desire to win a championship. Fortunately for owner Mark Cuban, or perhaps unfortunately depending on your perspective, Nowitzki does not feel a championship is all that important, and signed with the Mavericks this season.

On the flip side, one must wonder why the Dallas Mavericks don't just dump Nowitzki to a contender the same way the Minnesota Timberwolves did with Kevin Garnett. This will do right by the superstar and help rebuild for the future. Clearly the Mavericks team as currently comprised will never go anywhere, outside of Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace handing then one of the best players in the game in exchange for pieces of lint. The Dallas Mavericks will continue to be a middling team, and by the time Nowitzki realizes this, he will already be too old to contribute to a championship team in a meaningful way. Then again, championships aren't everything. Anyhow, I contemplate such things when watching the Dallas Mavericks play preseason NBA basketball games on my satellite TV that I got after looking at this hd dvr comparison.

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