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Guest post written by Chelsea Carlton

A lot of my friends that are also Jewish don't do nearly as much decorating for Hannukah as I do at my house. They say that I go overboard with it, but I love decorating and going all out for things! So this year I'm going to decorate as much as I normally do, except I think it's time that I get some new decorations because the ones that I've been using for a few years are getting worn out looking and I just threw them away because of that.

I thought that I'd have a little more fun with it this year and went on my Clearwire to try and find some ideas that I could make for decorations.

Some of the things that people made themselves absolutely astounded me! But I'm more for enjoying the Hanukkah decorations up so that I can admire them, instead of slaving over them to get to that step. So IÕm going to try and do some of the simpler things to make and put up in our house.

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