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Guest post written by Bruce Call

After so many years of the same old, same old Thanksgiving dinners, I'm a little tired of it. My family has always thought that they were doing me a favor by handling Thanksgiving dinner instead of me because i'm head chef at a restaurant and they wanted to give me a break. But after the disaster that was Thanksgiving last year, I told them to let me handle Thanksgiving for once. I had to remind my sister that I actually do enjoy my work and would love cook them dinner, besides I hadn't done that for them in so long I thought that it was about time again anyway.

I tried to get some inspiration for some new ways to present some classic dishes by looking online. I already had some great ideas, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to look around some too. As I was doing that I came across the site and thought that it would be a nice change to switch over my internet service to that company.

I thought that they would appreciate nice little twists on the Thanksgiving classics and that I shouldn't stray all too far from them though, so I'm going to cook up some garlic mashed potatoes and some pecan pie tarts.

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