Posted by jinson on 6:27 AM
Thanks for the guest post by Gina Walsh

For anyone who will ever be visiting St. Louis, Missouri, make it a priority to go to a show at The Muny! The Muny is an outdoor live theater that has productions come from all over the place. The 2010 Muny summer season was an unforgettable one for me. Located in the fabulous Forest Park, this open air theater has a magic about it that is hard to describe. The people and the energy are great, and then there are the productions themselves. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite this year. I will never forget the night we went to go see it. I took my sister and her two daughters for her birthday. The night started out poorly. I was in such a hurry to pick her up I forgot to set my home security alarm from and had to drive back home to set it. That made us a little bit late, but we ended up getting there on time despite the traffic. By the time we got to our seats I felt harried and upset at myself for making us late, but we were able to be seated before the curtain rose. The production was phenomenal! The costumes, lighting, and stage scene were enough to take my breath away. The story line was amazing, even better than the movie it's based on!