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Contributed by Alvin Graves

I spend my lunch hour at home because I am a writer and that is where I work. The entire day I am awake I spend time thinking about nothing but what I write about. Lunch time is special for me because I can take a nap or watch satellite tv from and think about something else for awhile. It is a time to relax and just be. Sometimes I will treat myself to a burger or an icecream and leave the house for awhile. It is also a time I can go to the grocery store or the post office and talk to people. My kids are gone all day so I sometimes feel lonely being in the house without people. It feels kind of nice to just get out and about. Sometimes I just decide to stay put and have a cup of coffee and listen to my favorite music. This is usually a winter passtime for me. If the weather is nice, I like to get out. We live in a beautiful neighborhood that has mature trees and greenery that is located on a river. So going for a walk on a nice day is also an option. However I choose to spend my time it is the most enjoyed and coveted time of my day because it is mine and mine alone.

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