Posted by jinson on 6:46 AM
Guest post from: Fidel Short

My husband just got a raise, not only a raise, but a really nice raise. He wants to take a vacation, the kids want a swimming pool and I want new furniture. I think in the long run furniture would be the right way to spend the money. We have been married for 15 years and the sofa and chairs in the den are getting a little tired looking. Our king size mattress needs to be replaced and the kids have outgrown their bunk beds.

There is a new furniture store that just opened last month or the month before, I can't remember exactly. They are over by the big Discount Mall, so I hope their prices are discounted too. They sent out brochures but they didn't have prices. That always makes me wonder. I have a list of things we need to look for. Our lamps have seen better days, but they were given to us and they must be about 40 years old!

My parents are coming to visit for the holidays and I would like to get the new stuff all set up before they get here. My mom is always making fun of the old plaid sofa. My favorite TV show in on this afternoon. When I get back from the furniture store I'm going to watch my soap opera on my new Directtv.