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Authored by Lucy Montgomery

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time of the year for my family. Often, we switch whose house we visit every year and is always a wonderful occasion and excuse for everyone to gather and voice our reasoning is why we give thanks.
Last year, was our Grandmother's turn to host Thanksgiving. Before leaving the house, I set my Security choice alarm before visiting family I go visit family on Thanksgiving. A couple of my cousins I have not seen in years decided to drive in from Michigan and Grandma had kept this a secret from everyone.
We had a wonderful time, as one of my sisters who attended just had a baby. It was wonderful to take part in a social setting and watch three different generations giving a new mother helpful advice. The knowledge filled the room, and the mood was very welcoming.

This year is my turn to host Thanksgiving dinner. Everything is planned out, and I welcome a large family get together, the advice, the love, and the laughs. Families have their problems, and disagreements, but during Thanksgiving that is all put aside, to enjoy each other and the time, we do have together. This year, I am thankful for my wonderful family and all of the memories we make together and cherish on Thanksgiving Day.

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