Posted by jinson on 4:01 PM
Thanks to Aurelio Delacruz

Our daughter's wish for her fifteenth birthday was to visit the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. We were all excited to go and spend the day visiting with the marine life of the Newport Aquarium. Before our exciting day started at the aquarium my family and I set our home security alarm (Adt Alarm Detroit information) and then headed out. Once we arrived the excitement began and we were greeted by a large whale hanging on the wall. My family and I explored all types of fish including puffer fish, jelly fish, and dangerous fish. One of the best exhibits were the aquariums where you walked under a bridge made of glass and the sharks, stingrays, and other dangerous creatures swam over your head. The absolute best exhibit was the shark tank where you could touch the sharks. It has always been a life dream of mine to touch sharks and that is what we did. We stood around a shallow, oval open pool as eight small sharks of different species swam around. Many came right up to the crest of the water to be touched. Some were smooth, black, and sleek, while others were brown, and gritty like sandpaper. One shark was in the process of giving birth and had to be removed. It was the most exciting moment of the journey and my family will never forget it.