Posted by jinson on 7:02 AM
Guest post written by Dustin Pierce

My son graduated from graduate school about a year ago, and soon after he and his wife went to Tampa Florida to start a new career. My wife and I miss him a great deal and we wish we could be closer to him. Since he left, my wife and I endured another long winter together last year, and really started to ask ourselves why we stayed in Maine all these years. I suppose we stayed for when our parents were still alive, and our son stayed at home throughout college, so I guess we had some good reasons to stay put.

Now that it’s just us, we are thinking about buying an RV and taking a long ride down to Florida for the winter. I was searching on for a new hearing aid when I got distracted and started looking at RV prices. We have a lot of extra money saved up and I think this is just the investment we need. My brother always told me how beautiful Key West was, and I think we will go there this year and say hi to our son along the way.