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This guest post from Zack Hinton

My friend Mark and his brother hold an annual Thanksgiving feast at their place for any of their friends that aren't able to go back home for Thanksgiving. Mark actually lost his mother when he was in high school and his dad abandoned their family when Mark was still a child. So he's been having Thanksgiving dinner at his place since our freshman year in college.

Each year the people change. Girlfriends, old friends, acquaintances, coworkers and the like have all come and gone, but a core group of us have been attending his dinner for years now. Outside of myself, his brother's best friend and a couple mutual friends have been eating Thanksgiving dinner at his place for six years now. Mark and his brother's place is a little house just outside of New York. I usually drive up there from my place in the city with a guest. The last few years I've made and brought the stuffing with my girlfriend for the dinner.

We usually don't actually do anything outside of watch the football games on Cable TV, but there's something about just being around people you care about that reminds me of the feeling of having Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I just think it's really neat how we can share this bond even though most of us are not related.

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