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Guest post by Jewel Cole

Well, it's that time of the year again. A ton of snow on the car and boxes and boxes of hot chocolate in the cupboard. This year I need to track down a copy of Scrooged with Bill Murray to watch with the family. It's one of my favorites and we watch it every Christmas. Not a traditional movie, I know, but it's a really fun contemporary twist on the traditional Christmas Carol. Bill Murray is such a riot!

I guess I'll have to look through the TV Guide this month to find out when it airs. Usually though I can find it in one of the satellite channels like; AMC or TBS. cannon satellite Specials are amazing. I can't believe how many channels we have now. Too bad the dish doesn't look more festive though.

Time to get back to the kids. They wanted me to look up that old Muppet's Christmas movie. Maybe I'll just get everyone together for a Christmas Carol Marathon this year. That's one way to keep the little ones from asking about their presents on Christmas Eve!

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