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The Author of this post is Delmar Bailey

I will admit I was not the biggest NHL Hockey fan in the world, but that all changed when my hometown got an NHL Franchise. Columbus, Ohio has the Buckeyes and they usually take center stage, but now with the Columbus Blue Jackets they must share the space. What is so exciting about the Blue Jackets?

Well many different things are great about this team and I will tell you some of my favorite.
Hockey is a sport that you have to be able to take it and dish it out. The Columbus Blue Jackets have a guy that can do that in Rick Nash. He has been an All-Star and lately has become the face of Blue Jacket hockey. It seems when the Blue Jackets are down they turn to him to get that needed goal. Young stars such as Derick Brassard and Kris Russell are also fun to watch as well.

Another thing I love about hockey is how the fans get into the game. Every slaphot or goal gets the crowd excited. It also is very affordable sport as well which is great for families. When I cannot attend Columbus Blue Jackets games I always watch on Best Choice TV. I do not want to miss a moment of the action. Hockey is one sport my whole family enjoys and I hope that it never ends anytime soon.

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