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Guest post by Homer Nielsen

We've collected hundreds of ornaments in the long history of our family, but none of them take the spotlight from the new batch of ornaments we bring in each year. These special ornaments are selected by each member of the family, according to what they feel about the holiday season and what is worthy to go on our tree next. The placement of the ornaments has no specific order but the purchasing of the next big ornament requires that we all give a lot of thought over what should represent our family tree at Christmas time. Everyone gets in on the act.

Going to the store to browse for ornaments is at least a week long process. We always look at the ornaments together but that doesn't mean we buy them together. We all like to buy them in private and then surprise everyone when we reach home and show them what great new ornament we've picked out. Everyone generally picks out five ornaments to represent the spirit of Christmas. After the selection process is done, we know we're all going to admire our ornaments and watch lots of Christmas shows on satellite TV by It's one of our most important holiday traditions.

Christmas is always our favorite time of year and the ornaments of the year are one of the most memorable, important elements to making sure that things are in the right spirit.

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